Monday, February 28, 2011

Piggy Dolls - Trend (MV)

Since sekarang ni, most of my friends sangat addicted dengan band dari korea. Aku pun trylah meng'up' to datekan diri and i found this group.This song and their voices are great! I admire them for being confident about their bodies.

I think these girls will be good for the kpop industry. Kpop groups are to perfect,thin,beautiful and has good voices,but thats just not true. Lots of girl groups has some girls that are too skinny *they look anorexic and their voices are not real, its just high technology.. These girl has real talent and they are very kawaii! They have the confidence to go out there regarding of how much they weight because they believe that the inner self is way more important the the outter...SO KEEP IT UP GIRLS!!

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